Casey Letter

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R. Casey Schnoor

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RE: So Cal Metroplex Draft Environmental Assessment, June 2015

To whom it may concern:

As documented in the San Diego County Airport Authority (“SDAA”) meeting nots of January 1, 2015

(copy attached), the SDAA brings to your attention documentation of the so called “early turn” and fan

separation problems in Point Loma and Ocean Beach. Further, current SDAA tracking documents that

this early turn activity is continuing to occur under the POGGI 5 SID, presumably as a result of air traffic

control directives, which accurately mimics the available departure patterns under the proposed IBBEE 1

SID. This evidence is also supported by the statements and physical evidence shared by residents in the

public forum held in San Diego on October 6, 2015, that unfortunately was precluded from being added

to the public record.

Given the fact that the “early turn” activity within the POGGI 5 is not referenced in any capacity and fan

separation only briefly described generically within your Draft Environmental Assessment of June 2015

(“EA”), it becomes very apparent that the EA was inadequate in its approach. It did not address the

early turn nor fan separation impacts to: noise, water, storm water runoff, historical and cultural

resources, air quality nor cumulative impacts. Nor did it address threats to endangered species.

Therefore, the Proposed actions to modify the departure SIDs at San Diego International Airport

(“SAN”) will certainly generate “significant impacts and adverse effects” on the Point Loma and Ocean

Beach environments. For these and other important reasons, I strongly oppose the FAA’s proposed

R. Casey Schnoor