Thank you ALL for your support and continued efforts, particularly in regard to your research contributions on our FB page. They have been very helpful in encouraging ongoing discussions! Also, thank you for the overwhelming support at the FAA Workshop. We have since heard from many sources that our message was outstanding (compared to other cities). We were heard loud and clear!

Please also know that the volunteer “steering committee” (made up of civic leaders, PLNU administration officials, a retired attorney, active commercial pilots, real estate experts and residents) continues to make great strides behind the scenes and we intend to update you as much as possible (respecting confidentialities and strategies).


Bruce Bailey, Joe Watkins, Julie G. Connolly, H.P. “Sandy” Purdon, Melissa Hernholm Danzo, Russ Valone, Casey Schnoor and several others

Please note that this is a very dynamic and rapidly evolving process! The initial weeks of our effort were focused on gaining grass roots attention to bring the matter to the forefront with both the media and with our elected officials. Then, upon the end of the EA comment period, we have worked to heighten the awareness, understanding and knowledge of our elected officials, while identifying options via legal avenues and refining what our ultimate goals need to be that include the entire Peninsula (OB departure “fan”, LOWMA waypoint, etc.). As noted below, this effort continues.

So, while the “public” comment period for the Environmental Assessment has closed, that does not restrict our opportunity nor the critical need to comment to the FAA Administration, whether directly or indirectly. Further, we need to support and encourage our elected officials to do the same as it would appear that there is a greater opportunity to influence the outcome prior to the completion of the Environmental Assessment process (FAA Administrator confirming the “categorical exclusion” from further environmental analysis) late this year, rather than after.

Please also remember that our friends in Minneapolis did prevail on their departure route proposals, so there is precedent!

*** Protest this Saturday from 10:00-12:30*** keep the public grassroots message alive!***** See on this FB page and at for details

SD County Airport Authority: Public Hearing this Wednesday at 4pm with Airport Noise Advisory Committee; discussion focused on current increased early turn, increased missed approach counts, noise abatement; this needs to be a civil and respectful meeting as SDCAA needs to be our ally.

Congressman Scott Peters: We have met with Rep. Peters last week and again last night. Rep. Peters is very much in support of our efforts and he is identifying ways he may be able to influence the decisions to be made at the FAA both here and in D.C.
Senator Dianne Feinstein: We have informed the Senator of the local issues and are in weekly communication with the Senator’s San Diego office.
Mayor Kevin Faulconer: We are in regular communication with his office and have recently requested an opportunity to meet with him personally, likely next week.
Councilmember Lorie Zapf: We are in regular communication with her office and have met extensively with her staff. She is very much in support of our efforts and is identifying ways she may be able to influence the decisions to be made at the FAA

SD County Administration: We hope to meet with Councilmen Ron Roberts and Greg Cox and other county supervisors ASAP.
SD County Airport Authority: We are in regular communication with SDCAA staff and are pursuing meetings with various Board members.

PLNU: President and EVP are fully engaged in the process; they are a very significant stakeholder and valued partner in this effort.
Navy: Multiple conversations have occurred both in SD and Washington D.C.; research is pending on the Navy’s position.
Fort Rosecrans: **We are looking for opportunities to add their voice to the discussion**
Cabrillo National Monument: We have just connected with a private faction involved with the Monument and will look to add their voice to the discussion
Schools: (Dana, Silvergate, Sunset View, Cabrillo, Warren Walker, St. Peters, Westminster): We have initiated efforts to bring environmental impacts of Next Gen to the attention of all parents, faculty and staff. **We are looking for parents from each school to serve as liaisons for our efforts and school administrations**
National Opposition Cities: We have benefited extensively from conversations with opposition leaders in Minneapolis. Some research has been completed on the Phoenix litigation.

Discussions have occurred with several major law firms in both San Diego and Washington D.C.
San Diego’s City Attorney and his staff have been contacted and are exploring various legal opportunities and alternatives