San Diego #NoFlyDay Protest on October 24th

noflyday-casey#NoFlyDay is a national campaign to restore the peace and quiet of the many communities recently destroyed by the FAA’s NextGen program.

Let’s bring national attention to the FAA’s blatant disregard for the negative impacts of NextGen implementation on communities across the nation!  Help us get our voices heard by our federal representatives so they will hold the FAA accountable for their actions.  Let’s force the FAA to adopt a transparent community engagement process and conduct full environmental impact statements based on real data.  Join us for our peaceful NO FLY DAY protest.

noflydayJoin us in the San Diego #NoFlyDay Protest on
Saturday, October 24th, 2015
from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
across from the San Diego Airport


  • Please remember this is a peaceful protest.
  • Carpool if you can –  N.  Harbor Drive Sidewalks between Harbor Island Dr. (Airport Entrance & Airport Terminal Rd.  – Across from Spanish Landing).
  • Meeting Point:  Cancer Survivors Park (See Map Image Here)
  • Please wear a BLUE SHIRT
  • Please make your OWN SIGNS (Sign ideas below!) and/or bring your NOPLANENOISE.COM Yard Signage
  • Here is the Official Logo if you wish to print your own t-shirt or use on signage.
  • We are allowed to gather on the public sidewalks without a permit, however, we must follow all traffic laws and not impede the pedestrian right of way.  For more details on protest rights please go to the following link.
  • Social Media – Take Pictures, Make Posts & Tweet using hashtags #noflyday  and #noplanenoise
  • Social Media – Tag the @FAA
    & Tag Your Government Representatives!
    Darrell Issa – @darrellissa
    Scott Peters – @repscottpeterssd
    Susan Davis – @repsusandavis
    Ben Hueso – @BenHueso
    Shirley Weber – @DRshirleyweber
    Kevin Faulconer – @kevin_faulconer
    Council Woman Lori Zapf- @loriezapf
    Council Man Todd Gloria – @toddgloria
    Council Woman Sherri Lightner @sherrilightner
    Barbara Boxer @BarbaraBoxer
    Scott Peters @RepScottPeters
    Jerry Brown @JerryBrownGov
    President Barack Obama @BarackObama

Sign Ideas & Possible Slogans (but please use your imagination-get the kids involved):

  • Too Low!  Too Loud!  Too Many!
  • NextGen = NoiseGen
  • “No Impact” is a Lie
  • FAA Deception (in a circle with a line through it)
  • Make it Right FAA
  • The FAA is Just Plane Wrong