 NoFlyDay is a national campaign to bring peace and quiet back to communities that

have been destroyed by the FAA’s NextGen program.

What are you protesting?

 We are protesting three things:

o The new excessive jet noise created by new NextGen flight paths,

o The FAA’s incompetence in designing these paths,

o And their deceptive practices to actively try to hide the noise impact.

 NextGen is the Exxon Valdez of noise pollution. Instead of modernizing air traffic

control, NextGen has created a noise pollution mess of epic proportions.

 NextGen routes are far different than the flight paths of the past. They use GPS

technology to fly as close together as possible—cramming flights that used to distribute

noise across a broad area into a superhighway.

 Instead of occasionally hearing planes throughout the day, people living under NextGen

flight routes are subjected to constant jet noise, causing sleepless nights, increased

stress and other health.

What are the goals of NoFlyDay?

 NoFlyDay’s goal is to protect all Americans from excessive jet noise.

 We are demanding the FAA:

o Immediately address noise issues in communities destroyed by NextGen,

o Adopt a stricter noise standard,

o Conduct full environmental impact statements based on real data,

o And, adopt a transparent community engagement process

Who is participating in NoFlyDay?

 Thousands of people from major cities all over the country. These include San

Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, Seattle and Phoenix.

This seems NIMBY. Are you advocating shifting NextGen noise to other communities?

 No. The FAA’s actions are unacceptable not just in our backyards but everywhere.

 Our goals include adopting stricter noise metrics and standards that reflect people’s true

experience on the ground.

 We also are demanding a transparent community engagement process that is based on

real environmental impact data. Communities deserve to fully understand how the

FAA’s plans will impact their lives.

The FAA says NextGen is reducing the net noise footprint. Is this true?

 The “net noise reduction” claim is designed to whitewash NextGen’s true noise impact.

 What the FAA is really doing is creating communities with intolerable noise levels while

creating space for more planes, more noise, and more pollution.